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My Library Story: Andrea Gurak

"Loving the Library at it's 75th year...but we can't wait to grow with it to it's 100th!!!"

Andrea says the Library has helped her meet new people, learn new things, instill a love of reading in Nate, and provided hours of entertainment from books, movies and music.

In her own words...

Andrea & NateAs a stay-at-home mom of a little bookworm (Nathan: 1.5 years old), the Roselle Library has given me my sanity on many a given day. We've loved taking part in the tot programs available - it's also a great place to settle down with some good books, maybe a few Duplos & letter magnets and RELAX. When Nate was younger he loved crawling up and down the he loves running through them. The change of scenery does wonders for everyone!!

Specific RPL goodness:
Nate & I really appreciate the difference between Roselle & Schaumburg. We enjoy going to both, but...the charm of Roselle tends to ʺwinʺ us over on many-a-day. It's not as crowded as Schaumburg, but for us, that's a plus. You get more one-on-one interaction with not only the staff but also the attendees.

The staff is content & treats patrons with respect. They seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs & they're more than willing to help in any way.

Loving the Library at it's 75th year...but we can't wait to grow with it to it's 100th!!!

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